MICHR Awards 14 Pilot Grants for Health Research Studies


The Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) has awarded 14 new pilot grants, totaling $770,000. MICHR’s Pilot Grant Program received a total of 48 submissions in its latest competition, representing a variety of health research studies. Funding for these grants is provided through MICHR along with matching dollars from partnering units in schools, colleges, and departments at U-M. Since 2007, U-M researchers have received more than $14M in funding through this program, resulting in more than $94M in extramural funding.

A majority of the funded projects are related to significant public health needs in Michigan, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Projects also address major health concerns identified by Michigan community members and advocates, including mental health, substance abuse, obesity, and access to care. Together, they represent MICHR’s commitment to accelerate discoveries toward better health. 

The 14 recipients of the winter 2012 MICHR pilot grants (round 13) are listed below. Applications for the spring 2013 pilot grants (round 14) are due February 15, 2013. Please refer to our website for details.

Impact of Intrauterine Contraception on the Vaginal Microbiome
PI - Jason Bell, MD, Lecturer in Obstetrics & Gynecology, Medical School

Speckle Decorrelation Based Ultrasound Measurement of Vascular Wall Shear Rate to Guide the Treatment of Aortic Disease
PI - Anna Booher, MD, Clinical Instructor in Internal Medicine – Cardiovascular, Medical School

Improving Adherence and Outcomes by Artificial Intelligence-Adapted Text Messages
PI - Karen Farris, PhD, Professor in Clinical Social & Admin Sciences – CSAS, College of Pharmacy

Building Community Expertise: Dissemination of Evidence-Based Practices for Child Depression and Anxiety in our Schools
PI  - Kate Fitzgerald, MD, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Medical School

Assessment of Circadian Rhythms in Adolescents with Positive Family History of Bipolar Mood Disorder
PI - Neera Ghaziuddin, MD, Associate Professor in Psychiatry, Medical School

Deficits in cognitive control among the obese
PI - John Jonides, PhD, Professor in Psychology, School of Language Scince and Arts

Rehabilitation-delivered Cognitive Behavioral Self-Management Training to Improve Physical Function in Knee Osteoarthritis
PI - Susan Murphy, ScD, Assistant Professor in Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, Medical School

The Man Up Man Down Support Group Program: A Pilot Study to Develop a Depression Awareness Curriculum for African American Men
PI- Harold Neighbors, PhD, Professor in Health Behavior & Health Education, School of Social Work

Targeting the Rho/ROCK/MRTF pathway with Novel Anti-Fibrotic Compounds to Block Intestinal Scarring in a Mouse Model of Crohn’s Disease
PI - Richard Neubig, MD, PhD, Professor in Pharmacology, Medical School

High-throughput Mutation Analysis applying Fluidigm™ Microfluidic Technology with consecutive Next-Generation Sequencing in Patients with Nephrotic Syndrome
PI - Edgar Otto, PhD, Research Assistant Professor in Pediatrics – Nephrology, Medical School

The influence of basic ventilation strategies and anesthetic techniques on cerebral oxygenation in the beach chair position
PI- Paul Picton, MD, Assistant Professor in Anesthesiology, Medical School

Development of Thermal Injury Alarm for Drilling in the Expanded Endonasal Approach of Neurosurgery
PI - Li-Jung Tai, PhD, Research Investigator in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Expression of Fibroblast Growth Factor signaling components in hIPS-derived neurons from Major Depressive Disorder patients
PI - Michael Uhler, PhD, Research Professor in Molecular & Behav Neurosc Inst (MBNI), Medical School

Comparisons of Dietary Patterns and Metabolic Pathways of Midlife Women With and Without Diabetes
PI - Naisyin Wang, PhD, Professor in Statistics, School of Language Science and Art

MICHR is here to enable & enhance clinical & translational research at U-M and beyond.
 We do this by being a catalytic partner who educates, funds, connects, and supports research teams. Think of our helpful and knowledgeable staff as your extended research team. MICHR was created by the Regents of the University of Michigan in 2006, and received a Clinical and Translational Science Award  in 2007 from the former National Center for Research Resources (NCRR) and the current National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). (Please cite grant #2UL1TR000433 in your MICHR-supported research results.)  Renewed in 2012, we are proud to be part of a national consortium of about 60 academic research institutions funded by the CTSA program, accelerating discoveries toward better health.

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