Research Ethics and Integrity Program (REIP)

The Research Ethics and Integrity Program works collaboratively with other MICHR programs and committees to foster integrity and promote ethical behavior in research. REIP offers advice, information and involvement in the following areas:

Informed Consent
REIP is heading an effort to streamline and track informed consent for the new MICHR Genomic DNA BioLibrary

For further information on simplifying informed consent and collaboration with the BioLibrary, contact REIP Director Nicholas Steneck.

Contact: Nicholas H. Steneck, Director

Ethics and Integrity Consultation
The REIP Core Advisory Group is prepared to answer questions and respond to requests for advice on research ethics and the respondible conduct of research. To request a consultation, contact REIP-consults at

REIP consultations are confidential and personal. They are not intended to replace consultation with an IRB or the university officials delegated to handle allegations of misconduct in research and scholarship.

Core Advisory Group: 

 Anderson, Robert  Community Engagement
 Bower, Cyndi  Nursing, MCRU
 Calhoun, Karen  Community Member
 Calvin-Naylor, Nancy  Education
 Mrs. De Loney  Community Member
 Gant, Larry  Social Work
 Geissler, Michael  Regulatory
 Hutchinson, Ray  Regulatory
 Kellenberg, Joan  Recruitment
 Keys, Kent  Community Member
 Maio, Ronald  Compliance
 Markel, Dorene  Brehm Center
 Piechowski, Tricia  Community Engagement
 Powell, Lisa  CTSA, Ethics
 Roessler, Blake  CTSA, Research Innovation
 Steneck, Nick  CTSA, Ethics
 VandenBosch, Terry  Compliance
 Vereen, Don  Community Engagement
 Wyszewianski, Leon  Clinical Translation


RCR and Human Subjects Protections Training
University researchers, students and staff may be required to have training in the Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) or Human Subjects Protections training. 

  • For advice on meeting the NIH requirements for T and K awards, please contact the MICHR Education & Mentoring team.
  • Further information on human subjects protections training can be found on the IRBMED training site.
  • General RCR training and additional human subjects training is still available as part of the PEERRS program.
  • For all other training issues, contact REIP Director Nicholas Steneck.

Ongoing Research Projects
The following are some of the current projects REIP is involved in:

  • RCR4K (RCR for K Scholars): a project-based approach to providing RCR training for junior faculty with career development (NIH K) awards. The interactive eight-hour seminar is offered annually by the MICHR Education and Mentoring Group.
  • CEET (Community Engaged Ethics Training): validated and web-distributed materials and trainer training for ethics workshops for community-based researchers. We are currently recruiting nationally new experimental training sites.
  • Streamlined Informed Consent: a project aimed at validating one-page consent accompanied by innovative educational materials.
  • Informed Consent Ontology: an effort to develop and test an integrated approach to obtaining and tracking informed consent within the existing structure of the UMHS Medical Record.

Ethics and Translational Research in the news:

The following article does not reflect the work or views of the University of Michigan or MICHR. 

"Genes Now Tell Doctors Secrets They Can't Utter," Kolata, Gina; The New York Times, 8/25/12

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