Who is MICHR?

MICHR is here to enable & enhance clinical & translational research at U-M and across the CTSA consortium. We do this by being a catalytic partner who educates, funds, connects, and supports research teams here and beyond. Think of our helpful and knowledgeable staff as your extended research team.

Call 734.998.7474 or email
um-michr@umich.edu to get started.

Building a pipeline of research talent.

MICHR offers workshops and courses for all research team members, and we connect students, faculty, and staff through mentoring relationships.

Helping you launch your ideas.

MICHR's Pilot Grant Program facilitates innovation and collaboration across the research spectrum by helping you launch your ideas. MICHR has awarded more than $16M in pilot grants, which has led to more than $110M in extramural funding.

Our Research Development Core provides free consultation in development of federal/foundation/industry-funded grant proposals.

Engaging communities. Recruiting participants.
Navigating the research enterprise.

MICHR's Community Engagement Program connects researchers with various internal & external groups. More than 12,000 registered volunteers are ready to connect with your studies. We also connect specific-need areas with MICHR's services. And, our Research Navigator connects you with U-M's entire research enterprise.

Providing expert support for research studies.

In addition to our major programs, MICHR offers a variety of research management and support services — from biostatistical analysis to study management & monitoring to regulatory assistance to data management and more. Think of us as your extended research team.

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