It is our vision that all clinical and translational research conducted at the University of Michigan benefit from focused collaboration with biostatistics throughout the life cycle of each research project. Click here to see how your research can benefit at each stage.

The MICHR Biostatistics Group consults and collaborates with researchers to provide expertise in:

  • Research design
  • Grant development
  • Protocol development
  • Randomization scheme development and implementation
  • Statistical analysis and data summarization planning and execution
  • Case report form and database review and assessment
  • Data quality assessment
  • Study conduct assessment
  • Manuscript development and review

Our commitment is to the overall success of each research project where our level of involvement is tailored to the needs of the study team. Depending on the study, our availability and expertise we may participate as a co-investigator or study team member to provide biostatistical support or facilitate interactions with the best statistical option on campus suited for your project. We encourage the study team to contact us early in the development of the project for the most benefit of our services and collaboration.

Pre-award collaboration is free of charge. Post-award collaboration is compensated through an hourly recharge or grant effort support.

The MICHR Biostatistics Group includes three faculty members from the Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health:

  • Kelley Kidwell, PhD (MICHR Faculty Lead)
  • Alex Tsodikov, PhD
  • Cathie Spino, DSc

MICHR biostatistical analysts include:

  • Nahid Keshavarzi, MS
  • Shokoufeh Khalatbari, MS
  • Aishwarya Parameswaran, MS
  • Kuanwong Watcharotone, PhD

The University of Michigan has multiple resources for high quality biostatistical support. The MICHR Biostatistics Group is committed to acting as a facilitator, as needed, to ensure study teams have access to quality support. Click here to learn more about options outside of MICHR.

For more information, please e-mail or contact:

Jing Liu, PhD

Manager, Biostatistics


Phone: 734.998.7644

Kate Huffman

Administrative Director, Clinical Research Management Program (CRM)


Phone: 734.998.6059



University of Michigan Organizations Providing Biostatistical Support

School of Public Health – Department of Biostatistics
Client base: Clinical and Translational Researchers (including researchers from ISR, SPH, and the Schools of Medicine, Nursing and Dentistry). Providing support is at faculty discretion and is based on academic interest, effort support, and effort availability. 
Recharge information: Grant effort support; Retainer model
Director: Goncalo Abecasis, D.Phil.

Cancer Center Biostatistics Unit
Client base: Cancer Center Investigators and their cancer related research
Recharge information: Grant effort support; NCI Cancer Center Grant
Director: Jeremy Taylor, PhD

Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)
Client base: U-M Researchers & students needing statistical support for any type of project
Recharge information: 1-hour free consultation; hourly rate recharge
Director: Kerby Shedden, PhD

Statistical Analysis of Biomedical and Educational Research (SABER)
Client base: Research Teams needing Data Coordinator Center services (U-M and non-UM)
Recharge information: Grant effort support
Director: Cathie Spino, DSc

School of Nursing
Client base: Research teams associated with the School of Nursing
Recharge information: Pre-award: free; post-award: fee-for-service
Contact: David Ronis

Institute for Social Research (ISR), Survey Research Center (SRC)
Client base: Research teams needing assistance with sample design, questionnaire design, general methodological and statistical consultation, data collection (centralized and decentralized interviewer-administered, plus self-administered modes such as mail and web), data processing, and analysis
Recharge information: Negotiated
Director: Trivellore Raghunathan, PhD


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How Biostatistics Benefits Clinical Research


  • Thoroughly understanding the research literature.
  • Assistance in endpoint selection.
  • Planning a feasible study design and developing aims to effectively and efficiently address the scientific questions.

Grant Proposal and Protocol Preparation

  • Writing a solid statistics section, including sampling methods, sample size considerations, power calculations, and data analysis plans.
  • Developing a data safety monitoring plan, if applicable.
  • Participating as a biostatistician collaborator.

Getting Ready to Start Data Collection

  • Determining the appropriate data to collect to address all study questions.
  • Planning a solid and feasible data collection approach.

Data Collection

  • Addressing data quality control.
  • Revising the data collection plan or the hypotheses, if necessary.

Data Analysis

  • Determining statistical methods appropriate for addressing the study questions.
  • Performing statistical analysis based on the data analysis plan.
  • Interpreting statistical analysis results.

Manuscript Preparation

  • Accurate, unbiased and thorough reporting of results.
  • Manuscript review and revision.

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