MICHR-Supported Researchers Save Second Child With 3D Printed Device

U-M's Glenn Green, MD, and his colleague, Scott Hollister, PhD have received national attention for saving the life of a second child using a groundbreaking 3D printed device. Garrett Peterson, a Utah toddler, has a congenital heart defect that puts severe pressure on his airways, collapsing them. Two tiny splints were created using high-resolution imaging and computer-aided design; use of the devices was given emergency clearance by the FDA.

Since the devices were implanted in January, Garrett's breathing has improved and the doctors expect that he'll soon be leaving the hospital to go home for the first time in his life.

Read the full UMHS article here. Drs. Green and Hollister also participated in a recent Reddit AMA ("ask me anything"); read their responses here.

MICHR assisted with the submission for emergency FDA clearance for Garrett's surgery and has also supported the further clinical research of this procedure with a Pilot Grant.