MICHR Offers Multisite Support Through Clinical Trial Networks

Have you ever considered leading or collaborating in a multisite clinical trial? Would you like an opportunity to collaborate with investigators from premier academic medical centers across the country? If so, the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research (MICHR) can help you.

Through MICHR, the University of Michigan belongs to two clinical trial networks – one regional and one national. These networks, the Midwest Area Research Consortium for Health (MARCH) and the Trial Innovation Network (TIN), provide an established infrastructure that can help U-M investigators interested in conducting or participating in multisite clinical research test new therapeutic and preventative strategies in larger, more diverse patient populations. Collectively, the networks cover about 50 academic medical institutions that are dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical research.

Why should you participate?

  • Access to investigators with multidisciplinary research interests
  • Good Clinical Practice-trained personnel at each participating site
  • Simplified fiscal management: one contract, one budget, one contact
  • Streamlined regulatory approval process using a centralized Institutional Review Board
  • Recruitment across multiple sites, optimizing accrual success, particularly in studies of rare disease states or those that require a large sample size
  • Geographic reach of ethnic and socioeconomic representation, enabling study of the differences in causes, occurrence, and characteristics of diseases across populations
  • Access to more than 22 million residents across member sites

What local services are provided?
To make participation as easy as possible, pre- and post-award support is provided by MICHR, MARCH, and TIN. Support can include feasibility review, project management, protocol design, budget preparation, contracting support, participant recruitment, site initiation support, milestone tracking and invoicing, regulatory and IRB support, study monitoring, and study coordination.

Which academic institutions are part of the networks?
Collectively, MARCH and TIN cover institutes that belong to the National Institutes of Health Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) consortium. The full list of CTSA organizations is available here.

What do NIH grant reviewers have to say about MARCH, TIN, and multisite trial participation?
“The association with MARCH is a strength of the application.”

“The research infrastructure available through MARCH is an additional strength.”

“MARCH provides an effective infrastructure that was built across five years of experience and serves as a base for regional research efforts that create efficient and effective clinical trials without duplication, with standardized data capture and reporting, and with wide adoption of best practice methodologies that improve multisite performance.”

“Good plan to participate with regional existing CTSA hubs as part of their MARCH program.”

“MARCH is emerging as a national model for other consortia.”


Learn more here. For questions or to get started, contact MICHR at um-michr@umich.edu or 734.998.7474.