Patient’s Journey to Participate in Clinical Trial Leads to Successful Removal of Cancerous Tumor

Theodore Lawrence pancreatic cancer trial.jpg

A patient’s journey from Arizona to the U-M Rogel Cancer Center to participate in clinical research led to the successful removal of her cancerous tumor.

The trial involved adding an oral agent known as AZD 1775 to chemotherapy and radiation. In laboratory studies, it did a better job killing pancreatic cancer cells.

“Normal cells have two ways to protect themselves from DNA damage caused by chemoradiation, but pancreas cells have only one way,” says Theodore Lawrence, MD, PhD, chair of radiation oncology. His lab conducted the laboratory research, and he was leading the clinical trial.

MICHR supported Dr. Lawrence's clinical trial. MIAP prepared the IND submission for the AZD-1775 and provided IND support throughout the trial.

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