REDCap Training


What is this service?

REDCap is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, web-based application offering a streamlined process for rapidly developing databases in support of data capture for research projects. Learn more about REDCap here.

MICHR offers two training courses for REDCap:

REDCap Basics provides introductory instruction on creating/modifying a project, building, editing and testing data collection instruments, creating events and generating participant schedules, conducting data entry, utilizing Data Dictionary, User Rights and standard Reporting/Data Quality modules.

  • REDCap Basics 111 (online version) is a self-paced course for just-in-time training. Start here.  

REDCap Survey Basics provides instructional basics on building and managing online surveys for collecting one-time or longitudinal responses from research subjects and storing response data within the context of a REDCap project.

  • REDCap Survey Basics 121 (online version) is a self-paced course for just-in-time training. Start here

Additional information including FAQs and videos is accessible through the "training" tab within REDCap, embedded within the functional modules, and accessible here

Who can use this service?

Principal investigators and study teams at U-M can use this service. External collaborators with a University of Michigan sponsor (principal investigator or co-investigator with direct access to a study) can also use this service.

When should I contact MICHR about this service?

You should register for REDCap training if you’d like to learn more about the product and

1.       you already have a REDCap account OR

2.       you don’t yet have a REDCap account but you plan to use REDCap for research-related or clinical trial data, or have a U-M sponsor as described above

How much does this service cost?

There is no cost for REDCap training. The cost pricing/recharge rates for this and other MICHR services are available here.


Contact MICHR at if you have additional questions.