Building Capacity for Research and Action Award


What is this service?

MICHR has partnered with Community-Based Organization Partners (CBOP) to establish a funding opportunity to address health consequences stemming from the Flint water crisis. This award will fund community-engaged research partnerships and projects addressing community priorities in Flint.

Applicants should consider addressing one or more of the priority areas listed in the application guidelines linked below. The areas are intentionally broad to allow teams to develop innovative ideas and research projects. 

Applicants may request up to $5,000 for partnership development activities or up to $10,000 for conducting small-scale research projects.

Application guidelines
Face page
Project plan template
Application checklist

Who can use this service?

Each application must have at least two partners: an academic partner who is affiliated with a college, school, or university and a community partner who is affiliated with a non-academic community organization or group (e.g. non-profit, neighborhood coalition, etc.).

Academic partners do not need to be affiliated with the University of Michigan.

Community partners must be affiliated with organizations or groups located within the city of Flint. Community partners who do not have an organizational affiliation may serve as collaborators, consultants, mentors, and other roles in conducting the project.

When should I contact MICHR about this service?

Applications must be submitted via UMMS Competition Space by 5 p.m. on Thursday, February 14, 2019.

How much does this service cost?

This service is free. The cost pricing/recharge rates for other MICHR services are available here.


Building Capacity for Research and Action Award

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