REDCap Access

REDCap is a secure, easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant, web-based application designed to support electronic data capture for research projects. This tool provides a streamlined process for rapidly developing study-databases, allowing researchers to create, design, and manage their clinical research data online.  REDCap offers: 1) an intuitive interface for data entry (with data validation); 2) audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures; 3) automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages (SPSS, SAS, Stata, R): 4) procedures for importing data from external sources; and 5) advanced features, such as branching logic and calculated fields within electronic forms and the survey feature.

REDCap Access
To obtain your REDCap account, simply complete a brief REDCap 100 Security Awareness module and the REDCap Account Access Request Form, which are both available at the following link:

Request REDCap Account

Note: Those from external institutions who request REDCap access must provide the name and e-mail address of their “authorizing sponsor” at the University of Michigan. The authorizing sponsor should be the U-M Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator with direct access to a study. He/she will receive a link to an electronic form and must submit their electronic signature in order to approve REDCap access to be granted to you.

REDCap Training and Production Sites:
Once your account is approved, you have access to REDCap training and production sites, with distinctly different URLs. Please use the REDCap training site to learn REDCap, experiment with your clinical research study design, and become familiar with all REDCap features. Please use pseudo (test) data only in the training database.

Once you have completed your training and development activities, use the REDCap production site to build and manage your production study database. The REDCap production site is strictly reserved for the capture of production data, including real subject data for your active clinical research study.