Online Course: Outside Interest Disclosure and Conflict of Interest


This elective module is designed to reinforce the responsibilities of clinical researchers related to disclosing outside interests and conflicts of interest. This module is not a substitute for regulatory-required conflict of interest training for researchers offered through the university's PEERRS program. Interactions throughout the course provide an opportunity to practice applying those policies within the context of a typical clinical research scenario.


While the primary audience for this course is clinical researchers at U-M, anyone with a U-M Level 1 account can is more than welcome to take it. Please note: because disclosure policies vary by department, if you are outside Michigan Medicine you will want to check with your department about how their policies may differ from what is outlined in this course.

This module will:

  • Broadly outline the purpose and process for disclosures

  • Define important terms

  • Introduce you to practical aspects of reporting outside interest

  • Provide important contact information and resources

How to Access This Course:

This course is free and can be found in the MICHR Catalog on the My LINC learning platform.