Shannon Reilly, PhD

I was finding research funding options to be very complicated and confusing, until I stumbled upon the MICHR webpage… cue ray of light and angels singing. The resources on this page were exactly what I had been searching for.

Ryan Stidham, MD

These types of resources have been enormously helpful for this project. This project wouldn’t be possible without MICHR. 

Srijan Sen, MD, PhD

That’s been really helpful, having outside observers really read through the grant and critique it. Sometimes on the departmental level it’s hard to get people to really read through a grant proposal thoroughly and the RDC is pretty great for that.

Daniel Eisenberg, PhD

I think your service is wonderful and I will be recommending it highly to my SPH colleagues. 

Thomas Gardner, MD

This experience with MICHR is the best example of the 'Michigan Difference' and I can't thank you enough for all you do.

Mia Woodward, MD

I am constantly amazed at the wealth of resources at U-M. Your efforts (at) MICHR are a prime example of how opportunities are created here.

Keith Aaronson, MD, MS

MICHR is an exceptional resource for UMHS research teams. As a clinical investigator, I've wondered whether I'm benefitting from the indirect costs charged to our grants. After working with MICHR, I know the answer is yes.

Glenn Green, MD

Assistance from MICHR was invaluable in negotiating the complex regulatory framework to create life-saving devices for children. Getting these devices to children would have taken years longer, if even possible, without stepwise guidance and early translational support from MICHR. MICHR's support has literally saved several children that would have otherwise passed away.