Online Course Series: Research Basics: Fundamentals of Data Management


Module 1: Fundamentals of Data Management

This self-guided course is designed to outline basic data management concepts and demonstrate how data managers, or other study team members, can work to improve data quality. You will learn to speak the language of data management and discover how the concepts presented can be applied to the everyday management of research data.

No prior data management experience or technical background is necessary.


While the primary audience for this course is any member of a study team at U-M who is new to research or new to data management, anyone with a U-M Level 1 account is more than welcome to take it.

This module will

  • Define fundamental data management terms

  • Outline data management processes

  • Identify tools commonly used by data managers

How to Access This Course

This course is free and can be found in the MICHR Catalog on the My LINC learning platform.

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