Increase Your Chances for Publication Success With Scientific Writing Workshop

Journal editors would agree that most individuals getting ready to publish on their research data need some education on writing scientific papers. Papers that lack clarity and focus, contain errors, or are poorly written seldom get a second look by journal editors and granting agencies. Given that publication is the generally accepted measure of scholarly research productivity, effective scientific writing is an essential skill for early career research scientists. In this seminar, Dr. Annesley will describe the steps in the process of writing, submitting, and publishing a manuscript in a scientific journal, as well as provide practice in developing clear and concise abstracts and research summaries.

Intended for graduate and post-doctoral students, this workshop will provide hands-on education to help participants learn to organize a manuscript. The workshop will be taught by Dr. Thomas Annesley, Professor Emeritus of the University of Michigan. Dr. Annesley has devoted his career to helping others write more clearly and effectively, thereby improving their chances to be successful in academia.The session will be in the morning on Tuesday, June 7. Participants are welcome to bring examples of a current writing project or to submit questions in advance. 

Workshop Fee: 
There is a fee for the Preparing Manuscripts for Publication workshop. Please note that there are no refunds for cancellations. 

University of Michigan registrants: 
Cost: $25. A valid shortcode must be provided. 

Non-University of Michigan registrants: 

Cost: $33. Non-University of Michigan registrants can pay by check or credit card. To pay by credit card, call Tony Parker at 734-998-7572. If paying by check, please make it payable to the University of Michigan and mail it to: Attn: Tony Parker MICHR - University of Michigan 2800 Plymouth Rd. Building 400 Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800

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