MICHR Awards 10 Pilot Grants for Health Research Studies

Ten new pilot grants have been awarded to U-M researchers who are conducting a variety of health research studies.

The grants, which totaled $736,914, were awarded through the Michigan Institute for Clinical & Health Research and included matching funds from partnering units in schools, colleges, and departments at U-M. Since 2007, U-M researchers have received more than $20M in funding through this program.

The funded projects address T1-T3 translational research. They also promote the development of novel solutions that will ultimately improve patient and community health outcomes, representing MICHR’s commitment to accelerate discoveries toward better health. 

Learn about the recipients of the spring 2016 MICHR pilot grants below.

Applications for the next round of pilot grants are due September 12, 2016. Please refer to our website for details.  

Does Guillain Barre produce permanent hidden hearing loss?
PI – Gabriel Corfas, PhD, Professor in Otolaryngology, Medical School

The brain/gut interaction between antipsychotics and human microbiome
PI – Vicki Ellingrod, PharmD, Professor in Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy

Targeting the Gut Microbiome to Improve Psychiatric Treatment Paradigms
PI – Simon Evans, PhD, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Medical School

Effortful Control Training: A Neurally Targeted Intervention to Reduce Anxiety
PI – Kate Fitzgerald, MD, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Medical School
Co-PI – Jason Moser, Associate Professor in Psychology, Michigan State University

Stress and Coping in Adult Black Men: The Flint Man Up Man Down Study
PI – Lenwood Hayman, PhD, Assistant Professor in Public Health & Health Sciences, UM-Flint
Co-PI – Kent Key, PhD, MICHR
Community Partner – Harold Neighbors, PhD, Michigan State University

Genetic and Kinetic Predictors of Ineffective Estradiol Depletion During Aromatase Inhibitor Treatment
PI – Daniel Hertz, PhD, Assistant Professor in Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy

Non-invasive prediction of incidence and progression of kidney disease in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
PI – Wenjun Ju, PhD, Associate Research Scientist in Internal Medicine-Nephrology, Medical School
Co-PI – Emily Somers, PhD, Associate Professor in Internal Medicine-Rheumatology, Medical School

Mucosal Duox2-based assays for dysbiosis-associated irritable bowel syndrome
PI – John Kao, MD, Associate Professor in Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology, Medical School

Evaluation of Clinical Effects of Angioplasty in Dialysis Arteriovenous Fistula using a Diagnostic Ultrasound System
PI – Brett Plattner, MD, Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine-Nephrology, Medical School
Co-PI – Albert Shih, PhD, Professor in Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering

Understanding Epicardial Fat Biology of Cardiometabolic Disease by Magnetic Resonance Validated against Histology
PI – Jadranka Stojanovska, MD, Assistant Professor in Radiology, Medical School