Successful Clinical Trial Offers Hope to Those with Peanut Allergies

In a clinical trial, researchers did what might seem like a recipe for disaster: administer tiny daily doses of peanut protein powder to patients with peanut allergies. The amount was gradually increased over six months to build tolerance.

Far from a catastrophe, the results released in February could give new hope to the millions who are highly allergic to peanuts.

Georgiana Sanders, MD, is an allergist at Michigan Medicine and a research faculty member of the university’s Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center, which was one of the 69 sites participating in the nationwide clinical trial. 

MICHR has provided Dr. Sanders with support that includes MCTO, study management mentoring, and participant recruitment services. The trial visits were conducted at MCRU, where staff provided clinical support to the participants during the peanut powder escalation visits.

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