REDCap Software


What is this service?

REDCap is a secure, HIPAA-compliant, web-based application offering a streamlined process for rapidly developing databases in support of data capture for research projects.

 REDCap provides:

  • an intuitive interface for data entry (with data validation)
  • audit trails for tracking data manipulation and export procedures
  • automated export procedures for seamless data downloads to common statistical packages
  • procedures for importing data from external sources
  • advanced data-collection features such as branching logic and calculated fields
  • a powerful survey feature

This easy-to-use online product enables researchers to create, design, and manage their own clinical research projects.

Who can use this service?

Principal investigators and study teams at U-M can use this service.

When should I contact MICHR about this service?

You should request access to REDCap soon after your study protocol has been developed.

How much does this service cost?

There is no cost to use REDCap. The cost pricing/recharge rates for this and other MICHR services are available here.


Contact MICHR at if you have additional questions.