Responsible Conduct of Research for K Awardees (RCR4K)


What is this service?

Responsible Conduct of Research for K Awardees (RCR4K) is a seminar series designed to guide participants in identifying and managing ethics and integrity issues. It offers structured exploration of common research ethics and integrity dilemmas, and regulation. Most sessions will consist of short didactic presentations alternating with small group activities. The program is designed to allow participants to identify and attend sessions most relevant to their own research. 

Scholars may attend MICHR RCR4K sessions to fulfill some or all of the NIH training requirement. The NIH requires a minimum of eight hours of face‐to‐face training. More details about this requirement are available here. Participating K awardees will receive documentation of participation in this training in two-hour increments based on time spent in attendance.

Who can use this service?

This series is intended for early career faculty members who have been awarded a career development (K) award by their institution, the NIH, or another entity. 

When should I contact MICHR about this service?

This event usually takes place in the late winter and early spring. Watch the MICHR Events page for details.

How much does this service cost?

This event is free. The cost pricing/recharge rates for other MICHR services are available here.


Responsible Conduct of Research for K Awardees (RCR4K)

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