Be One of More Than 25,000 Victors Volunteering for Health Research on

Whether you’ve already registered and participated in a study, are still waiting for your chance to help unlock tomorrow’s health discoveries, or are interested in learning whether participating in health research is right for you, the newly redesigned can help. 

We listened. Volunteers told us they want a site that is easy to access on their phones, tablets, and other mobile devices, not just on their desktop computers. They also asked whether more types of studies were available, rather than just clinical trials. So on September 20, becomes

What’s changing? First, volunteers can rest assured that their information has been moved to the new site safely and securely. In addition to mobile-friendliness, the site is more accessible in other ways. Visitors to the site will find a simplified design, easier registration, and improved readability with new color, contrast, and type.

Volunteers are not alone. Since 2013, more than 100,000 people have clicked “I am interested,” more than 14,000 volunteer accounts were added, 96,000 secure messages were sent within the site, and 720 studies were added by U-M research teams. 

“Maybe this will benefit my daughter and her generation. The goal is working towards the future for a cure.”

Next Steps? Registered volunteers who haven’t visited lately are free to visit the new site and update your information at any time. If you visit before September 20, will take you to the current site. After that, if you type in, you will be redirected to

If you aren’t a registered volunteer, we encourage you to explore the site to help you decide whether participating in health research is right for you.